Vkontakte: how to promote your business in Russia


May 15, 2016 by Alessio Bartoli

Few weeks ago we talked about the most used social networks worldwide and pointed out that Vkontakte dominates the ranking in Eastern Europe and Russia. With over 100 million monthly active users, VK is definitely the social network you need to know about if you want to engage consumers in these regions.

VK, created in 2006, is often called the Russian Facebook because of its similar layout and for the ability to adopt Facebook features and integrate them into its own site. VK’s features include private messaging, news feeds, groups, public pages, browser-based games and the ability to like and share contents as you do on Facebook, but here is what makes it much more appealing: unlike Facebook, it also allows users to listen to music and to watch full-length movies for free, even though they are generally pirated.

By creating a public page,  you get ready to promote your business with targeted marketing and advertising, or to engage prospects with a content strategy. Pages are ideal for communicating news and information about your brand, product launches, demonstrations and to show the brand values.

Left Side Ad on VkontakteTargeted marketing –  You can create lists of target users through VK’s search function which contains filters related to the demographic information it collects and users’ interests. As stated on the VK Ads section, targeted ads consist of a header, a small image and a short text (25 characters for the title, 60 for the description) displayed to users on the left side of pages. Both PPC or PPV payment method are allowed.

Advertising – VK has a robust advertising platform available to brands, offering targeted premium banner and video ads on either a cost per click or cost per impression model, with pricing determined by auction. It’s something you can compare to the Google Display Network and it also offers the ability of retargeting, which allows to track VK users activity on websites of the network and customize the ads they see.

Content marketing – VK pages allow brands to share posts, start discussion or conduct surveys, but images and videos are kings for engagement. VK is also heavily used for games. Investing in a branded game can drive traffic to your page or website, and lead to sales.

Most VK’s users use the site for entertainment. Take it into consideration when creating text, photo and video updates.



3 thoughts on “Vkontakte: how to promote your business in Russia

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  3. […] offerte agli inserzionisti, vi rimandiamo a questo interessante approfondimento tratto dal blog Insight Out! […]


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